Carrie Frank

Carrie Frank chose to be a lawyer after she obtained her Masters in social work from Columbia and led programs for at-risk children in Manhattan and the Attention Homes in Boulder, Colorado. She decided that she had to become an attorney in order to to bring the full extent of the law to assist at risk and victimized populations.

For many years she was a law partner with a demanding top 1% tier auto defect law firm.

She testified in Congress to upgrade safety standards for all cars in the United States. She was a key player in establishing systems enabling known car defect information to be shared and known, improving safety and well-being for all Americans.

Carrie is a behind-the-scenes detail lawyer with vast experience with juries.

Applying social work and human dynamics research to trial practice, Carrie became the go-to jury consultant for extremely complex, but just civil cases. Her knowledge of the reptilian brain bias from her social work studies have benefitted thousands of lawyers and their clients.

With her knowledge and guidance lawyers across America have increased verdicts by hundred of millions of dollars. Carrie sees the truth in cases and ensures that the details are fully and honestly explained. She is responsible for 100’s of millions in settlements and verdicts.

Carrie’s company Case Focus LLC provides jury research and technical assistance to many law firms seeking to win cases based on truth.

She has written hundreds of books, chapters, articles and presentations to help lawyers and their clients. She was president of CTLA and the Boulder Bar Association. She has chaired national leadership positions to bring quality education to all lawyers.

She is a grandmother to three brilliant children and would never be without a dog in her family.